Amsterdam Women - What Are the Girls of Amsterdam Like?

As far as one can generalize, Amsterdam women strike you as fairly independent.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the women of Amsterdam were early adopters of feminism, or with the way they carry their two children on the back of their bike to school while still fully prepared to face a full day at work.

If you'd like to know what Amsterdam women are like, continue reading - or go to our page about how and where you can meet Amsterdam girls.

Tall, Blond & Pretty

Dutch women hockey team

The Dutch national women's hockey team

How can one tell apart the women of Amsterdam from the always large tourist and expat crowd in Amsterdam? Typically, the trademark features of Dutch women are their height (Dutch people are the largest in the world), light hair and the fair complexion.

In reality, since the city is very multicultural, Amsterdam girls and their clothing styles are quite varied. That is why we believe it's their attitude that makes Amsterdam women stand out.

Clothing Styles

Amsterdam women's unique and quirky fashion style place Amsterdam on a well deserved place on world's fashion capitals. Despite being targeted by high-street retailers, they often find inspiration in Amsterdam's many vintage shops and flee markets such as the one held on Mondays at Noordermarkt and the result is a fresh and original combination of styles and trends.

And although the main means of transport here is the bicycle, working women are strikingly elegant and manage to combine the practical aspect of having to pedal with high heels with admirable grace.

The Women of Amsterdam are Independent...

Each year, herds of Amsterdam
women compete in the 'Glamour
Stiletto Run' in the P.C. Hooft street

To us, the most prominent symbol of Amsterdam's independent women has to be a group of girls in party outfits pedaling in on their way to a night out. It is very common for Amsterdam girls to do many things by themselves or be surrounded by same sex company while they go out, sport and even travel to far away places.

That is why, if you want to get romantic, be prepared to acknowledge the fact that her world will not revolve around the relationship. Expect instead Dutch women to be dedicated to their hobbies and groups of friends.

... And Direct

It has sometimes been said that Amsterdam women's independence makes them seem less caring and often very direct in their manners. They are seldom lost for words. However, that does not mean that they will appreciate you being rude, or they feel offended when you hold the door for them. Simply, it often means that they will throw the grocery bag on her bike basket rather than waiting for a man to carry it for them and you should better have other tricks down your sleeve.

Nevertheless, once they settle down and start a family, the women of Amsterdam are no less dedicated to striking a balance between their personal life and career than the rest of women. And nothing can better illustrate that than a young mother pushing the baby carriage while at the same time jogging in Vondelpark, the city's largest park.

Meeting Amsterdam Girls

Since there's always a large English-speaking expat and tourist crowd in the city, the women in Amsterdam are used to talking to foreigners. It means communicating is easy, but don't expect your American or British charm to do all the work for you. Here is more on how to meet Amsterdam girls.

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