Amsterdam Clubs: Where To Go?

For such a small capital (numbering 750,000), there are surprisingly many Amsterdam clubs to choose from, and they're quite diverse. Below are some of the most entertaining, alphabetically.

In general, the atmosphere at Amsterdam clubs is relaxed. Some clubs have door policies or dress codes (albeit more relaxed than some other European capitals) while others are just show up and get in.

Amsterdam club Jimmy Woo

Typically, clubs in Amsterdam are open until 4am on weekdays (though some are only open from Fri-Sun), and until 5am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Due to the (tobacco) smoking ban introduced in 2009, smoking is only allowed in specially designed smokers' areas where staff isn't allowed.

Amsterdam club Bitterzoet


Bitterzoet (Spuistraat 2)

A 2-floor night club and that's seen as leader in the Amsterdam night life scene. Depending on the evening, the music can be R&B, jazz, pulse, drum'n'bass, latin, but especially hip-hop. It also hosts alternative live bands, film screenings and poetry nights.

Club Home (Wagenstraat 3)

A house oriented club, opened in 2008 in the building of the former notorious Sinners club. The three stories are decorated as rooms - main room, living room and bed room - so you can feel right at home. The dancing floor is in the 'main room' - the basement of the building.

Dansen bij Jansen, Amsterdam

Dansen Bij Jansen

Dansen Bij Jansen (Handboogstraat 11)

A famous, relaxed night club for students. It has two dance floors and the music is a mix of classic disco and house. It's open 7 nights a week. The drinks here are cheap and there are no dress restrictions. Officially, you need a student card to get in.

Escape (Rembrandtplein 11)

One of the most popular night clubs in the Netherlands. The Escape used to have a selective door policy, but it seems to have relaxed a bit. The freakiest people are said to be there on Sunday evening - since they don't have to go to work Monday morning.

Flex Bar, Amsterdam

Flex Bar

Flex Bar (Pazzanistraat 1)

This relatively new club in Amsterdam is part of the famous Westergasfabriek complex, a former gas factory that's now turned into a big cultural venue with theater and concert halls, clubs and terraces. The Flex Bar has both DJs and live bands. Drinks are low priced.

Jimmy Woo (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18)

One of the hottest Amsterdam clubs that has a reputation for attracting beautiful people. One of the causes may be the rather selective door policy. The downstairs dance floor is lit by what must be 10,000 small light bulbs.

Amsterdam club Odeon


Odeon (Singel 460)

Situated in a 17th century canal building, Odeon is both a nightclub, concert hall, restaurant and café. Club nights are held in the concert hall upstairs, while the restaurant is added after dinner hours. The choice of music is described as 'credible classics'.

Paradiso (Weteringschans 6-8)

One of the best-known venues in Amsterdam night life and popular with an alternative public. Paradiso hosts both club nights and a good choice of established and promising new live bands. There are also public debates and classical concerts.

Powerzone club, Amsterdam


Powerzone (Spaklerweg)

The largest of all Amsterdam clubs - capacity 5000 - that's especially attractive on Saturday evenings. The music is techno and trance, often played by both Dutch and international DJs. It also has an outside terrace.

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