Amsterdam Girls - How to Meet the Girls of Amsterdam

We all know about Amsterdam girls: tall, blond, bright smiles and a figure that can only be gotten from living in a city where cycling is the most popular mode of transport.

The girls of Amsterdam have quite a reputation.

But how to meet these divine Dutch damsels? Just read on.

Or go to our in-depth anthropological inquiry into the nature of Amsterdam women.

Where to Find Amsterdam Girls

Blond Amsterdam girls

Dansen bij Jansen, Amsterdam

Dating in Amsterdam tends to revolve around drinking and dancing, so for those looking to meet the girls of Amsterdam, nightclubs and bars are still the most likely place.

The area in and around Leidseplein is hopping with venues and nightclubs where you can get your groove on and try to impress that someone special. You can rock out in Paradiso, showcase your moves to the funkier electronic beats in Melkweg, or check out any of the other dozen or so nightspots in the city.

If you're looking for softer lighting, music you can talk over and the artier kind of Amsterdam girls, there are plenty of bars and caf├ęs worth investigating in the culturally chic Jordaan area.

What to Do

Amsterdam woman on a bike

Amsterdam girls bike,
bike and bike

Be prepared to be organized, as the Dutch love to plan their social calendar well in advance. One common event in Amsterdam is to get the girl's number but then be unable to arrange a date that doesn't conflict with existing plans.

Spontaneity and charm can often win through an Amsterdam girl's love of organization, but it's up to you to make it work.

What Not to Do

Dutch girls tend to be very liberal, but don't mistake this for easy; Amsterdam girls are independent and forthright but they don't respond well to sleaze. You don't need to take our word for it however, as girls of Amsterdam will generally tell you to get lost pretty quickly if you're making a nuisance of yourself.

Don't rely on your status as a mysterious foreigner to win over the object of your affections either, as Amsterdam girls are used to guys from across the water. British and Americans are a common sight in the city especially, so be sure to make use of your individual charms that serve you well at home, too.

Red Light Ladies

People looking for girls in Amsterdam don't necessarily have to hit the bars. Amsterdam is world famous for it's Red Light District, which has plenty of girls willing to make the evening memorable - for the right price.

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