Amsterdam Boy - Meeting Boys in Amsterdam

Would you like to meet your Amsterdam boy?

Sure - you can leave it to chance that the boys in Amsterdam will bump into you in the market, that he will ask you to coffee so that you may enjoy the city together. But, do you really have time for serendipity?

Besides, the Amsterdam boy is a peculiar species, so do not think that a hot outfit and a demure attitude will get you anywhere. Instead of being passive, opt for seek-and-conquer aggression. (But of course, maintain that hot look.)

To Find Him on the Westside...

If you are looking for an Amsterdam Boy, do not opt for the stomping grounds of tourists. Instead, go beyond the center to the Westerpark district. Next to the park, you will find the old gas factory known as Westergasfabriek. Here are there are multiple possibilities to dabble in the city's mating rituals.

Going out in Amsterdam

Pacific Parc is one choice. Enjoy the terrace during the day for its atmosphere (but just-okay Latin food). And, stay through the evening for its lively dance floor, filled with bodies moving to Latin or hip-hop music.

As part of your aggressive-in-Amsterdam attitude, perhaps you can buy the sometimes timid Amsterdam Boy a shot of tequila. Also in the neighborhood is the Flexbar, a trendy bar with DJs and event calender.

Content on the Westside but need more? Check out Club 8 (Admiraal de Ruijterweg (56b), a sort of three-floor Indie disco, where DJs mix take sub-culture tracks and make it dance-friendly. But, if the dance floor is getting you nowhere, go to the too-cool-for-you smoker's den and ask to borrow a light. (Just kidding silly! The Amsterdam Boy is not worth an addiction that causes wrinkles! But, if you've already started...)

To Find Him in the Center...

If you're up to the challenge of pleasing Mr. Woo, check out his lounge on Leidseplein. As in Jimmy Woo who made it a goal to bring glamour back to the clubbing.

You may be the type that is into an entrance fee (12 euros) in exchange for good lighting, textures, and private seating. If so, then you may be worthy of the Woo.

But as a final word, if wanting to visit Jimmy Woo do not disrespect his vision by showing up at the door in your all-terrain sandals and breathable, lightweight, olive-colored pants. Yes, you're a traveler, but it's not cosmopolitan. It's sloppy. And, it's wrong.

Boys seeking Boys

Going to these hetero-dominated bars may be a waste of time if you are a boy who seeks an Amsterdam boy. It is probably no secret to you then, that Amsterdam is gay friendly.

But, if you can't come in August to celebrate Gay Pride month, check the Club Church (Kerkstraat 53) and its calender of theme parties which include "Spank!" and "Pimps and Hoes: You might get laid, but you won't get paid!".

Or, perhaps Club SOHO (Reguliersdwarstraat 36) is a better choice for those that enjoy the English pub style. It's slow up until 11, then quickly packed. If there is time to kill, do not panic, however. Arc (Reguliersdwarstraat 44) and Exit (Reguliersdwarsstraat 42) are also in the area. Here's more about gay Amsterdam.

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