Where Is Amsterdam - Location of Amsterdam on the World Map

Where is Amsterdam located on the world map, you might be wondering? Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, and this country is located in North-West Europe between Germany in the east, Belgium in the south, and the North Sea in the north and west.

On the map, Amsterdam is located at 52°22' north latitude and 4°53' east longitude (meaning over 52 degrees north of the Equator, which is 0 degrees, and 4 degrees east of London, which was once defined as 0 degrees).

Map of 17th-century Amsterdam

The Netherlands are sometimes popularly called 'Holland', but actually Holland refers to the western provinces of North-Holland and South-Holland within the Netherlands (who were politically dominant over the others). The inhabitants of the Netherlands are called the Dutch.

Map showing the location of Amsterdam in the world

Distances To Amsterdam From Abroad

How far is Amsterdam from some major world capitals? Here are the details. The flying times refer to commercial airliners, and are averages.

Stretch Kilometers Miles Nautical Miles Flying Time (Aprox.)
Amsterdam - New York (NY, USA) 5,870 3,648 3,170 8.5 hours
Amsterdam - Los Angeles (CA, USA) 8,964 5,570 4,840 11 hours
Amsterdam - London (UK) 356 221 192 1 - 1.5 hours
Amsterdam - Canberra (Australia) 16,625 10,330 8,977 (no direct flights)
Amsterdam - Cape Town (South Africa) 9648 5995 5209 11.5 hours
Amsterdam - Moscow (Russia) 2,157 1,340 1,165 3.5 hours
Amsterdam - Beijing (China) 7,844 4,874 4,235 10 hours
Amsterdam - New Delhi (India) 6,371 3,959 3,440 8 hours

Where Is Amsterdam Within The Netherlands?

Map of the Netherlands showing Amsterdam's location

Amsterdam is located in the province of North-Holland. The provincial capital of North-Holland is not Amsterdam, though, but Haarlem. (Harlem in New York is named after Haarlem, because of the Dutch founders of New York.)

Sometimes foreigners mistakenly think that The Hague is the capital of the Netherlands, because the Dutch government is located there. Amsterdam is clearly the cultural capital of the Netherlands, though: it has the biggest museums, the leading orchestras, two universities, most national newspapers and a thriving art scene. It's a popular tourist destination: 4 million tourists annually come to see the old city center's architecture and canals, visit the museums and experience the liberal, international culture.

Distances To Amsterdam Within The Netherlands

Here are the distances between some bigger Dutch cities/towns and Amsterdam, and the approximate driving time by car.

Stretch Kilometers Miles Driving Time (Aprox.) By Train
Amsterdam - The Hague 60 37 40 mins 50 mins
Amsterdam - Rotterdam 75 47 50 mins 60 mins
Amsterdam - Utrecht 45 28 35 mins 30 mins
Amsterdam - Arnhem 100 62 65 mins 70 mins
Amsterdam - Zwolle 115 71 70 mins 75 mins
Amsterdam - Groningen 185 115 110 mins 140 mins
Amsterdam - Maastricht 215 133 125 mins 150 mins
Amsterdam - Middelburg 170 105 120 mins 150 mins

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