Amsterdam Videos - Get a Glimpse Through These Movie Clips of Amsterdam

These Amsterdam videos provide you with a sneak peek at Amsterdam before you visit. You can read all you like about the city, but sometimes to really get a feel for it you need to see it come to life.

Find out here about the city's major attractions, from the major sights to the Red Light District, and get a glimpse your Amsterdam city break before you even set foot on reclaimed Dutch soil.

General Information

A good round up of the main points covered by many Amsterdam videos; mixed in with Dutch dance music and some Dutch scooter riders that really should not be imitated.

Getting Around and Getting Fed

In one of the more practical Amsterdam videos to be found online, experienced traveler Scott Nicholson gives some very useful advice on how to get around Amsterdam, what to eat and how to go about it.

Sightseeing Guide

This easy going tour of Amsterdam with a Delta Airlines flight attendant gives a great idea of some sights you can see during a day in Amsterdam; from the flower market to some excellent Indonesian restaurants.

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is nothing if not a picturesque city and this collection of photo slides taken around the city presents some of the most beautiful sights to see. Have fun hunting them down and recreating the pictures on your own camera!

Van Gogh Museum

Impression of the best visited museum of Amsterdam, dedicated to Vincent van Gogh, arguably the most important 19th century painter, and his contemporaries

Amsterdam: The Bicycling Capitol of Europe

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a city where everybody cycled and spending hours a day stuck in traffic was a something that happened to other people? Well now you can get a sneak peek at life in Amsterdam, where everybody takes to their bikes and finding a parking spot is as easy as finding a lamp post.

Prostitution in Amsterdam

Mariska Majoor, founder of the Amsterdam Prostitution Information Center (PIC) and a former sex worker, talks about prostitution in Amsterdam and how the Dutch system aims to make life for sex workers safer.

The Red Light District

We won't keep this one from you... Actor Leslie Nielsen is in the Amsterdam red light district, trying to find out if people know what it costs.

Gay Pride

Big D from Adventure in Europe takes us through another of his Amsterdam videos; this time introducing us to Amsterdam Gay Pride, one of Europe's liveliest and most free-thinking street parties.

Tip! Get the I amsterdam City Card.

  • Pay a one time fee
  • Free public transport
  • Free entrance to top attractions such as the Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt's House
  • Many discounts within the city
  • The pass is valid for up to 3 days

Get the I amsterdam City Card here!

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