Amsterdam Cosmetic Surgery: Overview of Clinics in Amsterdam and Elsewhere

Amsterdam cosmetic surgery has a long and distinguished history, beginning with the iconic plastic surgeon Jan Esser who, at the time of World War I practiced innovative and groundbreaking procedures. Plastic surgery in Holland was properly introduced by a trio of surgeons known as Koch, Raadsveld and Honig, and the Dutch Association of Plastic Surgeons (NVPC) was established in 1950.

Today, Amsterdam cosmetic surgery has come a long way from its beginnings in the trenches of the First World War. Plastic surgery clinics in Amsterdam and the surrounding area tend to be modern and well appointed, with a level of care typical of Western Europe. While it's certainly no Hollywood, Holland has a number of options for those considering cosmetic procedures.

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Amsterdam Clinics

For cosmetic surgery in Amsterdam the most prominent clinic is certainly the Boerhaave Medical Centre, located on Museumplein. Boerhaave not only provides plastic surgery options but also medical care for a number of non-cosmetic issues. The Centre provides access to cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, facelifts and nose correction as well as non-surgical options such as hair removal and botox treatments. Boerhaave is easy to find at Johannes Vermeerstraat 31, close as it is to Amsterdam's major tourist attractions. Their website:

One other Amsterdam cosmetic surgery clinic that deserves a mention is Doctors Inc. Located at Koningslaan 52, this is one of the only other options for cosmetic surgery within the city of Amsterdam itself. While not as well established as the Boerhaave Medical Center, Doctors Inc. offers a full range of cosmetic procedures including botox treatments, liposculture and chemical peels. Read more on their website

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Other Dutch Clinics

Outside of Amsterdam, cosmetic surgery clinics can be found in most major cities of the Netherlands. While it may be an hour or two out of your way, it is worth travelling a little extra if you feel that one of these clinics may provide services more suited to your needs.

The ATS Kliniek found at Wolput 30 in Vlijmen, just to the southeast of Amsterdam, offers the full range of cosmetic procedures both surgical and non-surgical. ATS (short for Aesthetic Team Solutions) clinics, with locations in Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Heidelburg in Germany as well as their Dutch clinic. Website:

For cosmetic surgery options in Den Haag, the Haaglanden Kliniek Cosmetic Centre, at Koninginnegracht 94-95 is the place to go. The centre itself is modern and well equipped while the staff is small and the treatment personal. As an alternative to Amsterdam cosmetic surgery clinics, Haaglanden is a good choice and with Den Haag being about and hour's drive from Amsterdam it shouldn't be too difficult to visit and take a look for yourself. Read more at

The Lipocenter in Maastricht, at Koningin Emmaplein 2 close to the train station, deals mostly with liposculpture and breast augmentation. A package designed for those travelling for cosmetic procedures is available with the Lipocenter and includes one night's stay in a hotel next to the clinic. One of Lipocenter's major claims is that they offer more competitive pricing than other Dutch cosmetic surgery clinics. Website:

Know the Risks

While Amsterdam cosmetic surgery clinics are mostly of high quality, it is always advisable to thoroughly evaluate any clinic you wish to undertake a procedure with. Is the level of care one which you will feel comfortable with? Does the clinic offer comprehensive post-procedure care and service? If going with a lower cost option, does this mean a corresponding drop in the level of care offered? These are all questions which you need to ask yourself and the clinic in question.

One very valuable tip is that you should never go with a cosmetic surgery clinic that does not have its own medical staff. Some clinics apparently use freelance surgeons and can be notoriously difficult to obtain any post-procedure care with for this reason.

Also, pay close attention to the surgeon's title. Plastic surgeon is a protected term and only an individual with the right training and qualifications can use it; cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic surgeon and other such terms are not protected and thus somebody using these titles may not be as fully qualified as genuine a plastic surgeon.

Above all, be aware of the psychological as well as medical implications of any cosmetic surgery. Many clinics offer counselling to ensure that the patient is fully prepared before undergoing any procedure, and any doubts or issues should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor during this process, whether in Amsterdam or any other part of the world.

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