Amsterdam Coffee Shop Map - Guide To Coffee Shops In Amsterdam

Here's an Amsterdam coffee shop map showing only the places that made it to our page of Amsterdam coffee shop reviews.

Of all +200 coffee shops in Amsterdam, our Amsterdam coffee shop guide and the map below only list those coffee shops with consistently good user reviews who are located within the city centre and the Western canal belt (where all the other action is too).

We are working on a complete Amsterdam coffee shop directory, but this may take some time.

Cannabis leave

Take this Amsterdam coffee shop map with you, because coffee shops (some mistakenly call them Amsterdam cannabis cafes or coffee houses) aren't allowed to advertise. Their websites will often not say anything about the Amsterdam weed they are selling, simply because they don't want to be suspected of advertising and lose their license.

Some are recognizable by the cannabis leaves on their windows (see picture), but others look like regular pubs or even diners from the outside.

Amsterdam coffee shop map

For your convenience, here are the addresses and phone numbers of coffee shops depicted on this map - and read our best Amsterdam coffee shop guide for reviews:

  • Abraxas (Jonge Roelenstraat 12-14, tel 020-6255763)
  • Barney's (Haarlemmerstraat 102, tel 020-6259761)
  • Bulldog (Leidseplein 13-17, tel 020-6256278)
  • Dampkring (Handboogstraat 29, tel 020-6380705)
  • El Guapo (Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32, tel 020-4200542)
  • Happy Feelings (Kerkstraat 51, tel 020-7779898)
  • Greenhouse (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, tel 020-6271739)
  • Hill Street Blues (Nieuwmarkt 14)
  • Homegrown Fantasy (Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 87a, tel 020-6275683)
  • Kadinsky (Rosmarijnsteeg 9, tel 020-6247023)
  • La Tertulia (Prinsengracht 312, tel 020-6238503)
  • Tweede Kamer (Heisteeg 6, tel 020-4222236)

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