Amsterdam Coffee Houses - Best Coffee Cafes in Amsterdam

So you'd like to know about Amsterdam coffee houses? Actually, in Amsterdam it can have two meanings:

(1) cafes that open early and are focused more on great coffee and food than booze and dancing, or...
(2) the places where you can legally buy and smoke marihuana (properly called 'coffee shops').

If you're interested in the former, keep on reading. For the latter please see our intro about Amsterdam coffee shops and find the best listed in our Amsterdam coffee shop reviews.

Koffiehuis De Hoek (Prinsengracht 341, tel. 020-6253872)

This coffee house with pleasant and no frills atmosphere can be found in the Nine Streets area, with a view on one of Amsterdam's most picturesque canals. It serves homemade pancakes, rolls but also various soups and country omelets. It preserves a cozy atmosphere due to the fact that it can seat only a few people at a time. It is open every day except for Sundays, between 7.30am and 4pm (3.30pm on Saturdays).

Koffiehuis van den Volksbond (Kadijksplein 4, tel. 020-6221209)

One of the best known Amsterdam coffee houses. Originally a place for the docks workers, today it's one of the places mostly frequented by locals where you can enjoy an eclectic menu that's always different. The atmosphere is lively and the fact that you might have to share the table with some other guests can make for a laid back experience. Those who appreciate it, will also value the location (near Artis Zoo and the Scheepvaartmuseum). Their kitchen is open daily between 6pm and 10pm.

Cafe Canvas (Wibautstraat 150, tel. 020-7163817)

Located on the top floor of the former Volkskrant office (Holland's biggest quality newspaper), Canvas takes turns being a cafe, restaurant, cocktail bar, lounge, and exhibitions venue. It seats large crowds and serves International cuisine and a wide range of cocktails. Despite being a spacious venue, due to the fact that it offers a view over the city from almost every table, Cafe Canvas can make for a pleasant retreat depending on the time of the day. Closing time is between midnight and 1am from Sunday to Thursday, and 3am Fridays and Saturdays.

Cafe De Balie (Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, tel. 020-5535131)

Cafe de Balie is part of the cultural center bearing the same name that comprises also a restaurant and a theater. It regularly houses debates on politics and public affairs. It can be a great place to stop on your way to the clubs, movie theaters in the area surrounding Leidesplein or even to De Balie's own theatre. The cafe is airy and attracts theater-going people and serves an eclectic and wide range of dishes that is regularly updated. The cafe is open daily between 10am and 10pm.

Cafe de Koe (Marnixstraat 381, (020-tel. 6254482)

Much of Cafe de Koe's atmosphere has to do with the music-related activities it organizes but it can also be a great spot for those who want to share a drink while playing pinball, dice or card games. That is because the keepers aim to preserve an easy going environment proper for hanging around, talks and laughter. It offers a selection of wines, Belgian beers and beers from Amsterdam's very own brewery, Brouwerij aan 't IJ.

We like Amsterdam coffee houses - they are cozy, out-of-the-ordinary, and often have a cultural connection quite different from your local Starbucks. If this sounds good to you, try them yourself.

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